I took my daughter there today to get shoes,I always buy mine there. After about 30mins, a very nice gentleman ask if we needed help,I said yes, my daughter needs some good shoes.she is on her feet all day n she needs her job, she has a child to raise.He took over n 1n1/2 hours later ,he had found her a good pair of work shoes n a good pair of tennis shoes.Believe it r not, it was the owner of the store that waited on her, he fitted her with shoe after shoe till they found the just right pair.Now that's awesome, that the owner himself would help his customers, you don't see that very often..
Thanks Shoe Stop

I'm one of those who really dislikes shopping. I know what I want when I see it. I walked into our Oboro Shoe Stop. Met a sales lady inside the door. I told her what I was looking for and off she goes, showing me different boots like what she was hearing me ask for. After looking at them I decided to try the one I liked. After walking around with them on for a little while I knew they were IT. I wish I had noticed her name but I didn't. KUDDOS to her. When she reads this she will know who she is. That attention she showed me was just a little bit of happiness I needed to make my day. THANK YOU!

My first stop for shoes for myself and/or the family! Great selection and best
customer service around!

I got great service at Shoe Stop yesterday. A male salesperson took the time
to help me find tennis shoes and showed me several pairs. He listened to what
I wanted. I will go back. Thank you.

Could not have asked for better service and assistance.

I love Shoe Stop because of the selection, the price, the sales, and the customer service is always excellent.

I was in with my three children in the pouring down rain looking for school shoes. After my initial shock at how much the kids' feet have grown, Sarah went above and beyond to help us find them shoes that fit and in my budget. We will definitely return.

Shoe Stop is a great local option for the whole family when it comes to footwear. Tons of styles to choose from in women's shoes and this is certainly the place for men's work boots. Their employees are always friendly and helpful and their shoe clinic is perfect for diabetic needs or to just double-check a shoe size.

Found a great pair of short boots, actually had 3 styles in a wide fitting to choose from!

Employees are amazing and very helpful! Helped me find exactly what I needed!

Good selection, helpful staff and great prices.

Very nice atmosphere people are very friendly and I like my new shoes